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On-Site Awareness Workshops & Gap Analysis

On-Site interactive, cross-functional team working session

A very simple, effective and productive way to kick-start awareness and activity to be ready for GDPR. 

The General Data Protection Regulation comes into force in May 2018.  The new law, currently passing through Parliament will impose significant obligations on all firms that control or process the data relating to any natural person in Europe and the UK.


Fully inform your team and save a lot of time

A key part of this useful session is to distill the key principles and elements of GDPR into an entertaining and digestible format.  We have spent months reviewing the EU and UK regulatory guidelines and have boiled them down into a form that makes GDPR simple.

Discover exactly what you need to do

By the end of the session you and your team will have a very good idea of where you stand against GDPR and have a list of items that need to be attended to.  You can then decide whether to push forward on your own or elect to engage us for additional support.  Either way is fine.

Engage your team and see the benefits of GDPR

This interactive session is designed to positively engage the team and point out how GDPR can be a very positive thing for the business.  If processes and procedures are going to be reviewed it makes sense to use the opportunity to identify opportunities for enhanced efficiency, productivity and client satisfaction.

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On-site interactive workshop

A half day (morning) on-site working session with your team to inform, engage & entertain.


On-site depth interviews

On the same day in the afternoon we interview key stakeholders and subject matter experts to drill down into the areas that arise.


GDPR gap analysis & actions

We use the outputs of the session and the interviews to prepare a high-level view of where you stand against GDPR and a list of action areas that need to be addressed.


Report and recommendations

With the gap analysis you will receive a clear, digestible report and recommendations highlighting what needs to be done to get you ready for GDPR.


Who needs to attend?

We recommend that senior leaders, department heads and anyone responsible for data attend.


What happens next?

You can formulate and execute an action plan on your own or ask us for additional support.